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About Allied Health

June 19, 2008

What is Allied Health?

The two words “Allied Health” stand for the largest group of health care providers in the United States. Collectively, allied health professionals are over 3 million people strong and comprise more than 60 percent of the entire health care workforce. For our state of Texas, there are over 270,000 allied health professionals. In Texas for 2000-01, there were 12,841 allied health students enrolled and 6,913 graduates from 363 different programs representing 42 different professions.

American Eastern Institute
reports that Allied health professionals are those individuals involved in the identification, evaluation, treatment and prevention of diseases, injuries and conditions, while educating the public on prevention, wellness and self-management for healthy lifestyles. According to the American Medical Association, there are 52 verifiable disciplines in allied health.


About Health Science

June 19, 2008

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Health science is the applied science dealing with health, and it includes many sub disciplines. See also health science academic disciplines.

There are two approaches to health science: the study and research of the human body and health-related issues to understand how humans (and animals) function, and the application of that knowledge to improve health and to prevent and cure diseases.

Health research builds upon the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics as well as a variety of multidisciplinary fields (for example medical sociology). Some of the other primarily research-oriented fields that make exceptionally significant contributions to health science are biochemistry, epidemiology, and genetics. See also life sciences and life science academic disciplines.

Applied health sciences also endeavor to better understand health, but in addition they try to directly improve the health of individuals and of people in general. Some of these are: alternative health, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, nursing, nutrition, pharmacology, pharmacy, public health, psychology, physical therapy, and medicine. The growing provision of services to improve people’s health is referred to asalternative health care . See also branches of medicine.

The health sciences industry, a multi-billion dollar business sector, is a cross-section of the life sciences and the alternative health care and medical diagnostics industries.