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The Link Between Niacin and Alzheimer’s and Dementia

September 5, 2011

Niacin is used to help lower high cholesterol and fat levels in the blood. This may help prevent medical problems caused by cholesterol and fat clogging the blood vessels.

A severe deficiency of niacin, or vitamin B-3, in your diet may lead to cognitive changes, including memory loss, disorientation and confusion. Most Americans get enough niacin from dietary sources to prevent dementia related to a niacin deficiency, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. However, an inadequate intake of niacin may still cause symptoms of cognitive decline, the

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At Home Elder Care Certification And Training Program Travels The Country

April 27, 2010

Sweet Relief Certified Home Caregivers™ At Home Elder Care Certification And Training Program Travels The Country

Certified co-sponsors traveling  elder care certification program

About the Founder, Cathleen V.  Carr

It seems my path in life is always involved somehow with  helping others. Through sharing information about the law, health and wellness, care giving or business I have been able to build a career that incorporates love as a cornerstone. Our seminars are grounded in how to live and help others live with confidence and love. The field of care giving requires empathy, tough as well as easy love, and a knowledge of human psychology while also profitably employing right and left brain skills like home economics, sociology, health and wellness, and human behavior.

I stumbled into care giving decades ago and have embraced what I found there:  a calling that is rewarding, meaningful, and challenging. Which makes it fun, worthwhile, and a job where I find myself wishing for more hours in the day. I like everything about it. And so I’ve been getting more and more questions on the topic of care giving these days. It’s not that I’ve solved all of the problems by any stretch of the imagination — we still have a lot of work to do here at Sweet Relief™.   But what I have done is create a training and certification program that tours the country to help people learn the right way to take care of adults who depend upon them for simple- and not so simple care.

Sweet Relief Care Giving Seminars are for pros and non-pros  alike.

Sweet Relief Care Giving Seminars are for pros and non-pros alike.

Our program is designed for the professional and non-professional caregiver. We combine at home eldercare training with training for caring for people who are injured, recovering from surgery or dealing with a chronic illness.

We address all of the critical topics in our two day seminar:

• What Anyone Starting in Care giving Needs to Know

Senior and General Caregiving Resources

• Mastering Everyday Challenges of the Elderly or Infirmed

• Dealing with Relatives

• Managing Medical Issues

• Safety Issues

• Mental Health Issues

• Legal and Financial Issues

• Avoiding, Detecting and Dealing with Abuse

• Death and Dying

• Caring for the Caregiver

• How to Hire Professional Caregivers

Caregiving Job Options

Sweet Relief Job Placement Assistance Program

• How to Start Your Own Care giving Business

Sweet Relief 2 day home caregiving seminars travel the country.

Sweet Relief 2 day home caregiving seminars travel the country.

Our training and certification programs are built around images — a picture really is worth a thousand words. Especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings, people don’t want to be squinting to try and read our manual. So the standard presentation is slides, and other than a quote from a noted source, best tips for the one time or professional caregiver… its images, lectures and demonstrations, little reading.

Sick or  injured people need in home care, too.
Sick or injured people need in home care, too.

Whew! Seems like a lot to get through, but the certification seminars move quickly along and people know more of this than they might realize, and in the hours of presentation and Q&A, we have a lot of laughs and we all leave having learned something important and others leave certified.

So if there are 10 or more people who could benefit from this unique training opportunity let us know. Our distinguishing feature is that we come to you!  We would love to help your town get is full portion of certified caregivers.

Please send an email to

We will look forward to seeing you in your town soon!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Cathleen Carr, JD, PhD

Cathleen Carr,  Founder Sweet Relief Certified Home Caregivers™